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DUBAI is the hype now!!! It is open to Minas Gerais investors. Return on real estate is one.

Omar Alazzaoui and Fahim Kasmani business men from the Provident State

DUBAI is the ball of the hour.  It is open to Minas Gerais investors.  Return on real estate is one of the attractions.

Another benefit to attract investors from Minas Gerais is: the government of Dubai grants residence permits for up to 10 years to anyone who buys a property valued at over US$545,000.


 In 2021, the sector recorded 80 thousand real estate transactions, moving 80 BILLION DOLLARS.

 And the revenue advance in rents compared to 2020 was between 5% and 10%.

 Coming to BH:

 The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in SP organized the Trade Mission bringing the best real estate agents from PROVIDENTE STATE to BH (three men, one Syrian, one Mozambican, one Indian and one Ukrainian).

The Provident Estate Business Cocktail was held at the elegant Hotel Fasano in Lourdes.


At the Business Event, Provident Estate, a pioneering company in the Dubai real estate market, presented its portfolio and the investment opportunities and benefits in Dubai.

According to the three real estate sales executives from Provident Estate, who came to BH, Dubai has an extremely strategic global geographic location: from there it is possible to reach the countries of Asia and Europe within a radius of 8 thousand kilometers.  It is an important logistical hub for passengers and international trade.


Karyna Arzamazova, business woman to the Provident State

Fahim Kasmani, business man from the Provident State


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